Update – Wy I Changed My Blog Name

Hey everyone!

As you probably noticed, I have decided to change my blog name.
With that, I also changed my Instagram name.

The main reason for changing my blog name is because I wanted something new and fresh. The other reason for changing my blog name is because it might have caused problems in the future, because I had the term ‘bujo’ incorporated in my name. ‘Bujo’ is a trademark, and I didn’t want to take the risk getting problems with that.

I went for the name ‘My Life In Dots’, because it still incorporates the bullet journaling aspect, but it’s more versatile. I think it fits me better, because I don’t only blog and want to blog about bullet journaling, but also other aspects in my life.

I hope you guys like the new name!
Let me know what you think!


<3 Marieke


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