How Bullet Journaling changed my life

I started bullet journaling about a year ago, after I saw some books about ‘bullet journaling’ in my local book store.

I didn’t understand what it was, so I searched online and there it was: the most beautiful planner pages I’ve ever seen. But I still didn’t understand how everything worked. I eventually ended up on Ryder Caroll’s website: I found out he’s the one who invented the system.

After reading a lot, I thought to myself: this would be something for me! I love planners and journals, but never managed to stick with it. This system looked like the solution!

In my first bullet journal – the one I bought with a matching guide – I experimented a lot. I made thousands of lists in it and it was pretty random. Also, biggest part of this bullet journal was in black and white. Only in the end, I started adding some color and found out more or less what pages worked for me, and which didn’t.  I followed Ryder Caroll’s original method most of the time (although you can’t see it in the pictures, lol!), and I’m glad I did because it gave me a good start. I was so overwhelmed by all the pretty pages online, and at some point I tried to do the same, but I realized it didn’t work right then. Like I said, I experimented a lot, but only at the end of this first bullet journal I found out the things I liked.

As for now, I’ve just started in my third bullet journal. For my second one, I bought a leuchtturm 1917, and I’m using one again for my current bullet journal. I’ve only now found out what really worked for me. I’ve tried out some things like ‘one line a day’ pages or expense trackers  and along the way I’ve added and deleted pages. I’ve started using themes for each month and I’ve become more creative and I totally love it!

Here are some of the pages I created in my second bullet journal:

Bullet journaling has changed my life, because it’s something I can’t give up on. It’s the one consistent thing in my life. I’ve rediscovered my creative self and I’m enjoying every bit of it. Bullet journaling also changed my perception one certain things. I feel more in control, more calm and I’m less stressed out. The fact that I can now have everything in one place makes a huge difference too. No more post-it’s or loose notes all over the house!

A little while after I started bullet journaling, I also followed a lettering course (more on that later). I started an instagram account just for that (and bullet journaling) and it became an opportunity to meet a lot of wonderful people with the same interests. I’ve made friends for life.

I’m curious to hear what difference bullet journaling made in your life!



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