Galen Leather Cover Review

After thinking about it for a long time I took the leap and finally bought a Galen Leather Cover for my bullet journal (which is currently a Leuchtturm 1917, and probably will be for a long time).

Galen Leather is a small business located in Istanbul, Turkey. You can also buy beautiful pen cases and other things on their website.

After watching those beautiful covers online for like maybe 6 months and reading great reviews, I decided I needed (read: wanted) one for myself.

After two weeks, the cover arrived in a beautiful box.


As I didn’t start this blog right then, I’ve already use the cover, as you’ll see in the pictures. But I decided to take pictures again of everything so you can get a good look.

Wrapped 1

Wrapped 2

As you can see, the cover came with a certificate (and some other goodies like the evil eye charm and a coupon code).


This is what the cover looks like on the outside. It has an elastic band to keep everything securely inside. I love love love the color! I picked the Crazy Horse Green Forest color. It is a little different than displayed on their website, but doesn’t make it any less beautiful. It’s leather and hand crafted, so no cover is the same.

In decided to buy this cover, because I also have an iPad mini, and it fits perfectly in the back pocket. At first the leather is a bit tight, but it will loosen over time.

In the next pictures you’ll see how I’ve put everything inside.

I’ve also attached the evil eye charm that came with it in the cover.

Cover with iPadCover with everything


The cover is so well crafted and I expect it to last a lifetime. I couldn’t be more happy about it!





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