Back To School Bullet Journal Spreads

The next school year is just around the corner, and that means we have to prepare!
I use my bullet journal for everything, and as a student I couldn’t live without it. Bullet journaling has made my life so much easier and so much more organized.
I’ve created some pages that I thought would be interesting for me to try out, and I hope it’ll be useful for you also.
Here’s are some spreads I think could be helpful to keep track of everything important that has to do with school.

Monthly overview + Classes overview

Monthly overview + Classes overview

On the first page I’ve created some mini calendars.
You could use multiple pages to write down the months you have to go to school and mark important dates with color codes, like you can see on the first page. For example, I chose the color blue to mark the days I have classes on, the color pink for tests and assignments and the color purple for exams. Of course, you can use whatever colors you want or you could use another key to mark important dates. It’s totally up to you!

Next to the mini calendar you could write down the specific courses, tasks, assignments, exams and other important tasks if you’d like.

On the second page I made an overview of all my classes and their important information: what days and how many hours I have to go to class, teacher information and information about my courses.

Semester overview

Semester overview

Next up is a semester overview. This timetable gives you a clear overview of all the classes and when they take place in a specific semester.
I used the colors of the ‘classes overview page’ to create the time blocks. You can choose to just use the colors, or to also write down the names of the classes. Or to not even use color at all! 

Weekly classes overview

Weekly overview

I have used this weekly timetable a lot. It gives me a great overview of all the classes I have to attend to that specific week and I think this overview is a little more clear than the yearly or semester overview.
You could also write down the classroom underneath, so you always know where to go. 

Study Tracker

Study tracker

Well, this is kinda an old page, but has worked well for me in the past. 
For each day, I wrote down what I had to study that day and which chapters I wanted to finish. The red parts were the exams for that day. 
This way I had an overview of how much I needed to do and what I needed to get done.

So that’s it, these are the pages that I find very useful. Although, I think I will also include a page to write down all my important assignments and their due dates. 
Of course, there are many other spreads you can include.

If you have any suggestions, let me know in the comments 🙂 

❤︎  Marieke

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